Hero Wipes (Chino, CA)- was founded by Diamond Wipes International, one of the leading wet wipe manufacturers in the United States with nearly a quarter-century of innovative leadership and continual focus on providing marketplace solutions. Eve Yen, founder, and owner of Diamond Wipes, discovered that cancer is the leading cause of death of firefighters due to first-hand exposure to carcinogenic chemicals. Armed with this devastating statistic, Eve was convinced that wet wipes could provide the best on-scene decontamination system for cleaning and far more effective than baby wipes. In 2017, Diamond Wipes introduced Hero Wipes and it is the first on-scene decontamination wipe with a unique lab-tested formulation and an effective patent-pending blend of ingredients that works to isolate and remove harmful toxins and carcinogens from the skin.

In 2018, Hero Wipes acquired Rescue Wipes, the original decontamination wipe for firefighters who pioneered the concept of on-scene decontamination. Hero Wipes’ unparalleled product expertise combined with Rescue Wipes’ longevity and experience changed the first responder industry forever. Hero Wipes now has the dedication and the proven track record of developing and innovating industry-leading products to make a meaningful difference in the lives of first-responders everywhere.