“We selected Hero Wipes because it was proven effective at removing soot.  Now to learn that it is also effective at removing the heavy metal toxins that we are exposed to is an added value."

— Chief Wade White
Los Angeles City Fire Department

Giving Back

Hero Wipes is proud to support the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation and Operation Gratitude.


Hero Wipes shelf life is 2 years.

For optimal shelf life, Hero Wipes® should be stored in a cool, dry place.

The aloe vera extract used in our Hero Wipes is a safe ingredient. It comes from decolorized whole leaf aloe vera plant with less than 2 ppm of aloin (anthraquinone). The concentration of the aloe vera extract in Hero Wipes is less than 0.00005%. At this concentration the aloe vera provides no absorptive qualities. The aloe vera extract is in the formula because it is part of a blend of botanical skin-calming ingredients.

Hero Wipes acquired the Rescue Wipes brand in 2018. Hero Wipes are larger, stronger, made in the USA, EWG verified, lab tested and proven more effective than Rescue Wipes. The Hero Wipes brand is the new and improved Rescue Wipes and is the only product line we offer today.

We are proud to work with overseas distributors. For more information, please contact us through our inquiry form.

Hero Wipes® EMS


Effectively clean and kill 99.9% of germs to reduce the risk of infection that bloodborne pathogens present. For all EMS providers.

Hero Wipes® EMS
Bigger. Stronger. Better.

Larger and more durable than average medical-grade wipes

EFFECTIVE against 99.9% most common germs

Complies with OSHA bloodborne pathogen standard requirements.

An exposure to needlesticks and bloodborne pathogens is the second most common type of injury to EMS providers, according to a research study by the National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety (NIOSH).

First responders regularly encounter bloodborne pathogens when called to a scene.

Some resort to using hard surface disinfectant wipes but they are harsh on the skin, pose potential health risks and are federally prohibited to use as personal care wipes.

Hero Wipes EMS complies with OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogens standard requirements and meets the Center for Disease Control's (CDC) guideline for hand hygiene in healthcare settings.

The wipes are thick and stretchable to stand up to vigorous use in cleaning. and the 65% ethyl alcohol formula has been tested and confirmed to kill 99.9% of germs.

Hero Wipes EMS is EWG VERIFIED™ for its commitment to using safe ingredients, providing transparency, and engaging in quality manufacturing practices.

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