Hero Wipes XL Body Wipes Flow Pack 48 wipes pouch *WILL SHIP IN MAY*
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Hero Wipes XL Body Wipes Flow Pack 48 wipes pouch *WILL SHIP IN MAY*

SKU: F5782PCH48A

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Case: 12 packs ( 576 wipes total)

 Pouch: 48ct

Shipping included

Safe. Effective. No-Nonsense. These are the original decontamination wipes, specially formulated and proven to remove up to 99% of harmful carcinogens from firefighters’ skin.

  • Proper decor is crucial. Clean skin and eliminate carcinogenic compounds before leaving the scene of fire
  • Proven scientific, third-party results
    • Remove up to 98% of toxic flame retardant TCEP with a single swipe
    • Remove up to 83% of Benzopyrene (BaP) with a single swipe
  • Thick, tough, stretchable, and virtually indestructible 10" x 9" wipes are larger compared to average baby wipes.

How to Use

  • Always follow a standard decontamination protocol practiced by you and your crew. Wipe vigorously to clean affected areas. If necessary, utilize multiple wipes to cover larger areas. Throw used wipes in trash. Do not flush

Optional metal brackets (shown in pictures) for permanent installation can be purchased separately. Contact us or your local sales representative today!

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